Referral Program

Recommend MLM Gateway to your friends, colleagues or website visitors and earn free credits. You receive 10 credits for every new member who signs up using your unique referral link. Moreover, every member you refer receives 5 free credits to start with.

When your referral makes a purchase of credits or upgrade to Premium membership, you receive from 35% to 50% commission to your Affiliate Account. You can learn more about the Affilite Program here. You don't have to create new affiliate account. Just login to your MLM Gateway account, go to the Referral Program section and click on the "Login to your Affiliate Account" link.

To access the Referral Program section, click on the "Referral Program" link on your Dashboard. You can find your unique referral link on this page. When a visitor enters our website using this link and signs up, you receive 10 credits and commission from his purchases.

You can use the simple form in the Send Personal Invitation section to send an invitation to your friend's email address. Just enter the email address, add a short message (optional) and click the "Send" button. An invitation email with your referral link will be sent. You can enter as many email address as you desire. Enter one address per line. If you have a Gmail account, you can import the addresses directly from your contacts - simply click on "Import Contacts from Gmail"

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn account, you can easily invite your friends and followers to MLM Gateway. Just click on the "Share" button in the "Share Your Referral Link" section and post your unique link on your social network profile.

You can view the list of referred members by clicking on the "view members" link on the Referral Program page.

Please find answers to common questions regarding the referral link here.

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